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» » Design nursery for children of different sexes

Design nursery for children of different sexes

24-12-2014, 14:24
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Design nursery for children of different sexesPlan interior nursery for children of different sexes must be based on their age and interests. In the children's area must be present to sleep, play and learning. In this case, each child must have enough personal space to fight for a place in the room was the cause of quarrels between children. Children should not be cluttered with furniture, so the best solution would be the model transformers that combine several functions.

To make room on the floor for the game area, a children's bunk bed can be set. Need to choose a model with orthopedic mattresses, spacious drawers for clothes and shelves, built-in lights and curtains, closing the bed. Beds give either perpendicular or parallel to the wall. However, the bunk bed is only suitable for rooms with high ceilings. In addition, children sometimes are fighting for the right to sleep on the top tier. High second tier and is not suitable for small detey.V this case, a bunk bed can be replaced withdrawable.

If the beds are still a few, can share their bedside tables or put a high cabinet, chest of drawers, or simply place the bed in different parts of the room, it will be the best design for the room rishenie adolescents. And space can be divided by means of screen printing. Such personal area needs to express individuality of the child. On the wall beside the bed a child can attach stickers, posters with your favorite singer or a sports star. Children can also choose their bedding. At the same time for the style of the rooms are suitable neutral tones (eg, beige, cream, pale light green). Patterns and figures should also be suitable for both children. A common theme design may be nature or animals. Color separation is also possible, but the color combination should not cut the eye.

Training zone is necessary to make a joint. Best of all, if during homework kids will not sit next to and facing each other. Desk should be in a well-lit area, closer to the window. If the increase sill, it may well be used as a common table.

In general, furniture for children, close in age, must be identical, so that no one felt deprived, but it can be decorated differently. For example, boxes for things in common cabinet can be marked with bright labels: a flower for a girl or boy for the machine.

If the child is planned to establish a sports area, it is best to arrange it for half a boy, since it implies that he will use it more often, more details can be found on the website. Half the girls can put a table with a mirror in front of which she will comb and dress up. It is worth noting that the particularly acute problem of separating a child's room there is in the case of a large age difference between children. In this situation it is necessary to allocate a separate area for study and entertainment eldest child and consider the lighting system as well as a junior will go to bed earlier.
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